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Dairy Does a Body Good

I couldn’t help sharing this link from the WSJ, that talks about the newest wave of organic clothing to come about. . . clothing made from milk. That’s right, you can drink your calcium and wear too. The talk over organic clothing seems to grow larger and larger with each day, whether it’s cotton, silk, [...]

Roadkill Makes for Nice Jewelry

You don’t see much roadkill in this city, but I’ve seen my fair share coming from the Midwest. But who would have thought that it would have made it to accessories and handmade silver jewelry? Well, it has. Elaine Ho from Montreal has her own line called Roadkill. She crafts every design herself (each piece [...]

Orion Comes Down to Earth

How do companies come up with their names? I’d like to think there’s a grand scheme behind the picking and choosing and the decisions behind what a brand will choose as the only-thing-they’ve-got: their name. But sometimes that might not be the case, it could be a swift kick decision, it could be random, and [...]

Trends for Fall

I find it hard to grasp on to the constant changing “trends” of the various seasons, and mainly because every designer and every fashion publication tends to keep choosing their own ideas, with very few crossovers between them. But nonetheless, I can’t help but look over the lists that are put out. We all want [...]

Gentle Fawn for the Gentle Fall

The gentle fall is coming up soon folks. I know, it might seem a little hard to believe since we’ve been smacked down hard with heat, heat, heat, but really, give it one more month (and maybe two. . .) and a late gentle fall will settle in. And for that season, we turn to [...]

Accessorize for the summer/fall Transition

You need your accessories to transition–between seasons that is. Otherwise, you’ll be out running around trying to reaccessorize every 3-4 months, which is crazy. Accessories can and should be able to go with multiple, multiple outfits. We always make sure to stock handfuls and handfuls of accessories at the store, so here’s what you need [...]

The September Issue

For all you fashion fiends out there, we think you understand the importance of next month. September is big in NYC. Models take even more to the streets what with a whole week of shows, magazines get a little thicker (even though the publishing side is hurting) with spreads, and now we can add to [...]

Make It a Mink Pink Day

We’re giving a shout out to one of our favorite brands today (yes, we’re switching it up and not doing a Trend of the Week, sorry): Mink Pink. Mink Pink has figured out their forte: dresses. Every dress creation they make and spin seems to get cuter and cuter. I have one of their styles [...]

The Season for Shades Ain’t Over

Summer ain’t over yet, so it’s still totally reasonable to be dropping some cash on some new shades. And with global warming setting in, the sun just isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got a few more months of the hot season, I do believe. And in that respect, we haven’t stopped stocking shades. We recently got [...]

Yes, Plaid is Rad

Despite how many hipsters and Urban Outfitters shoppers you might see traipsing about in plaid, it doesn’t mean you should shy away from the pattern. It’s here to stay, and yes, made a recent resurgence, especially in the winter with all the flannel going around. It’s popularity is no wonder. The pattern works well on [...]