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Style Starts Early

I’m always amazed these days at the young ones walkin’ around with their fashion, so proud, so sure, and seemingly so much taller (than I was as a tween). So many of them are more in tune with trends and brands and designers than I ever was (or possibly might be) at their age. It’s [...]

Scarves of the Season

I have a problem. I seem to collect scarves like it’s my job. I just can’t get enough of them: silk, cotton, wool, solid colored, or patterned with dots or stripes. To me, it seems like the perfect accessorize to spice up and add a touch of a lil’ “je ne sais quoi” to keep [...]

Bloomers in the Air

The fashion shows are over, and everyone is still trying to wrap their heads around the trends that are set for spring. And one trend still has my heading spinin’ and the answer is blowin’ in the wind: underpants. Apparently, all the rage on the runway was to let it all hang out–your undergarments that [...]

Blaze Up the Season with Blazers

Take it up a notch this season and feel the layering love this season with blazers. They’re in. And they add a smart addition to any outfit. B B Dakota offers up some cute blazers with patterns to jazz up jeans or a dress. They’re finely tailored, do a slim-trimming to the body, and are [...]

Fashion Tid Bits from the Week

So every week, I scan through my “go-to blogs” that I’ve booked between multiple laptops, making sure to not miss any of the (usually) hourly updates. I always love passing along links of things that spark my interest, and I thought why not compile my favorite blog posts from the week, so you’re in on [...]

Fashion Week Schedule is Out!

With only 7 days to go until Fashion Week with the 2010 Spring collections ready to hit the runways, NY Mag has posted the full, complete schedule of shows, events, parties, and anything or everything to do with fashion that week. I doubt I’ll have time to hit up anything, due to travel schedules that [...]