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Spring stripes are here!

One of the hottest trends for Spring 2013 are stripes, they showed up in collections ranging from Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westood just to name a few. We always love stripes in Brooklyn and make sure to get some great stripe pieces in every spring. Here are a few styles that just [...]

BB Dakota

What’s Fall without a great sweater, vest or blazer to get you through the chilly days. BB Dakota is making it easy for you to find all three styles cause well, they’re just that fantastic…   “Jimmy”  Vest $76 “Hoz” Sweater $64 “Kimmy” Sweater $94 “Rohan” Blazer $94

BB Dakota Fall

It’s a sweater and jacket wonderland at the Mini Mini Market right now. BB Dakota is bringing it this Fall season with the must have styles that will not only keep you warm but also at the top of your Fall fashion game. Since Fall is when fashion gets serious…   “Kao” $125 “Karou” $94 [...]

BB Dakota

      Available now in store.

One Way….

BB Dakota Fall Preview

Even though it feels like 100 degrees out right now it’s now that time when we start to get in our Pre Fall styles. Yes, this means no more Summer styles… : ( It’s ok, we look a head to the awesome layers that we can look forward to wearing the day the climate drops [...]

BB Dakota

We just got in some awesome transition tops from BB Dakota. These are their new Fall 2012 styles… Yes I know it’s still Summer… Rock them with shorts or a shirt now and then in a few months they will look just as fresh with jeans or leggings. You’ve gotta love clothes you can wear [...]


Jack has taken bold prints and rich colors to the next level this Season. Stand out from the rest of the pastels and ivory prints and embrace the trendsetter with in… “Andre” $64 “Tomio” $60

Spring Splash

Jack Want’s To Introduce You to “Beth”

Well hello Beth, aren’t you a beauty… With your jewel tone blue, empire waist and asymmetrical hem line. ; )       “Beth” dress by Jack $70 Available in store now.