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Employee Style Affair

Mini Mini’s Assistant Manager Lorena, was rocking flower power the Mini Mini way with her Chelsea Crew sandals, Ark & Co. blouse, and Staccato shorts. Love love it…

Absolutely Fabulous Mom’s!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Here are three Mom’s that are absolutely fabulous, rocking not your average mom jeans. Christin, Dana & Cassy know how to have fun and stay fashionably fantastic while being SUPER MOM’S… Christin is an actress and a writer, her Jeans are by Tripp NYC “Natural Leopard” $68, T-shirt is from Lipstick Prophets [...]

Button down the back, lace up the front.

Trend 1: Add some sexy and spice to that winter sweater or blouse and jump on one of this season’s big trends, buttons up the back. What looks like a plane-jane run of the mill top is jazzed up with buttons up the back instead of the front. We love button ups, don’t get me wrong..but [...]

Chelsea Crew Tuson Boots Are Back!!!

It’s not very often we love a shoe so much that we order it two years in a row. The Chelsea Crew Tuson boot is one of our favorite shoes ever! It’s the perfect combination of comfort and style. As a non-heal wearer, I can honestly say this boot is the most comfortable healed shoe [...]