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Stay warm, look HOT!

(in the tune of the Sound of Music) Coats with down feathers and green woolen blazers Big pretty buttons and extra long collars Stylish black ones with leather detail These are a few of my favorite things (at the Mini Market right now) When the cold comes And the wind howls And I’m covered in [...]

Goorin Bros. hats, good for your head.

Goorin Bros. is an authentic family business. Their hats feel like home-made mac-and-cheese and a bubble bath. Since 1895, the Goorin Bros. company has been making fashionable, well-crafted hats. They have a variety of styles and really know how to make everyone look great in a hat, whether or not you feel like you are [...]

Weather forecast- baby, you need an umbrella!

Looks like rain for the next couple of days… Don’t be silly and try to get away without the proper rain gear. For 3 years I convinced myself I didn’t need an umbrella or rain boots. Being from the desert of Colorado I thought it would rain once or twice in the Fall then be done…PISH [...]

Oh my, is that a cool breeze I feel a comin’?

Don’t fret! The MiniMini has boucoups of new beautiful sweaters to keep you warm on those chilly Fall days and nights! We know you still want one last hoorah with your summer wardrobe and haven’t quite pulled out your winter attire, so you need sweaters to layer it up. Don’t make the mistake of leaving [...]

BBDakota ‘Jack’ Jacket – only $65!!!

The latest item to arrive at the MiniMini is a faux leather biker jacket from the ‘Jack’ collection by BBDakota. This jacket is a beautifully constructed item, with great detailing, and it looks just like leather! Stretch knit cotton bands at the waist and sleeves make it great for those windy Fall days ahead. Warm, [...]

Trends for Fall

I find it hard to grasp on to the constant changing “trends” of the various seasons, and mainly because every designer and every fashion publication tends to keep choosing their own ideas, with very few crossovers between them. But nonetheless, I can’t help but look over the lists that are put out. We all want [...]