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Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco “Sandy” Tote $90 “Expandable side zip and pockets make sure you have the space you need, while the swish swish of the over sized tassel will have you feeling like your at the top of your fashion game”

Absolutely Fabulous Mom’s!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Here are three Mom’s that are absolutely fabulous, rocking not your average mom jeans. Christin, Dana & Cassy know how to have fun and stay fashionably fantastic while being SUPER MOM’S… Christin is an actress and a writer, her Jeans are by Tripp NYC “Natural Leopard” $68, T-shirt is from Lipstick Prophets [...]

Melie Bianco + Pendleton Inspiration = LOVE

Melie Bianco has been shopping Pendleton blankets! They have taken inspiration from these beautiful throws and make a great handbag. What a fantastic union between home decor and accessory! Native-American inspired prints and accessories are all over the place this spring. But if you don’t want to rock the whole “sky-woman-muchacho-look”, splash in some Navajo [...]

Melie Bianco “Bridget” Bag

.. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, check out the red-hot Bridget bag by Melie Bianco. Buy it for yourself for that hot date or night of dancing with the gals. Or send a little hint to the boyfriend with this link to buy the bag online. Buy the Melie Bianco Bridget Bag Online **Soon to be [...]

New Bags from Melie Bianco!

Hey ladies! We just received a shipment of adorable bags from Melie Bianco, one of our favorite bag designers. They are absolutely beautiful! Melie Bianco’s design mission is to bring runway inspired handbags to the everyday woman. Founded in 2003 by the husband and wife team, Melissa and William, they say their main goal is [...]

Accessorize for the summer/fall Transition

You need your accessories to transition–between seasons that is. Otherwise, you’ll be out running around trying to reaccessorize every 3-4 months, which is crazy. Accessories can and should be able to go with multiple, multiple outfits. We always make sure to stock handfuls and handfuls of accessories at the store, so here’s what you need [...]

Brand Spankin’ New

It’s Wednesday! aka Hump Day. It’s time to get over that week hump with a new lil’ purchase, and we have one for you. It’s brand spankin’ new too! It’s the Melie Bianco Fold Over Bag with an adorable vintage-looking bird motif. We’re carrying it in the Berry color, and in case you don’t like [...]