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Nailed it!

Priti Nail Polish now at the Mini Mini Market. Dazzling and good for you.   Priti Nails makes organic, recyclable, cruelty-free, vegan nail polishes for your glamorous, environmentally friendly self. Come pick up a dazzling color and get your fingers and toes did at the new nail salon right across the street!   Choose from [...]

Mini is having a mega Halloween!

Candy, facepainting, and 15% off on coats! Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me some deals that can’t be beat! Our prices on new Fall merchandise are sure to have the zombies crawling out of their graves screaming, “Clothes, clothes, clothes!” Stop by this weekend for spooky deals on everything in the store. Mention this [...]

Watch Where You’re Puttin’ Your Money, Honey…

That drab, torn up wallet just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Don’t think you have to empty out your wallet to buy a new one. We have affordable and adorable wallets to match your personal style. For the girly girl: Lavishy makes quirky and fun wallets. We have been carrying them for a few [...]

Goorin Bros. hats, good for your head.

Goorin Bros. is an authentic family business. Their hats feel like home-made mac-and-cheese and a bubble bath. Since 1895, the Goorin Bros. company has been making fashionable, well-crafted hats. They have a variety of styles and really know how to make everyone look great in a hat, whether or not you feel like you are [...]

Weather forecast- baby, you need an umbrella!

Looks like rain for the next couple of days… Don’t be silly and try to get away without the proper rain gear. For 3 years I convinced myself I didn’t need an umbrella or rain boots. Being from the desert of Colorado I thought it would rain once or twice in the Fall then be done…PISH [...]

Holiday and Spring Preview shows in NYC- We are there!

Exclusive interview with MiniMiniMarket owner Erica Vala about the recent design shows in NYC! What are the hot new trends? What did we order? Read on to get an insight into the craziness of design show week.

New Bags from Melie Bianco!

Hey ladies! We just received a shipment of adorable bags from Melie Bianco, one of our favorite bag designers. They are absolutely beautiful! Melie Bianco’s design mission is to bring runway inspired handbags to the everyday woman. Founded in 2003 by the husband and wife team, Melissa and William, they say their main goal is [...]

VeraMeat- good for vegetarians

Verameat is one of our favorite jewelry designers. Originally from the Ukraine, now based in New York, Vera Balyura has a keen sense of design. Her pieces are fun and beautifully made. Each item can make any outfit pop! It is great to find designers that fit in so well with our style at the [...]

Look fierce, and fight for Mother Earth

Worried about how the oil spill is changing the environment? Mad at BP? Love the beach and don’t want it to be sticky, stinky, and full of garbage? Looking for ways to change your daily life to help mother earth stay happy, healthy, and clean? Well, the MiniMiniMarket has the accessories you need to be [...]

wow, wow. our new jewelry rocks!

Less clothing in the summer means more….Accessorizing! Our latest shipment of jewelry is really knocking our socks off. We have a brand new collection of bangle bracelets, fab earrings, and shnazzy double finger rings. We have rings starting at $9, bracelets starting at $12, and earrings starting at $18. Here’s a couple photos of some of the [...]