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Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! XXXO, Mini Mini Market

Be Your Own Valentine…

Melie Bianco “Bridget” Bag

.. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, check out the red-hot Bridget bag by Melie Bianco. Buy it for yourself for that hot date or night of dancing with the gals. Or send a little hint to the boyfriend with this link to buy the bag online. Buy the Melie Bianco Bridget Bag Online **Soon to be [...]

Will you be my Valentine???

We love you and we love making you look fabulous! Get ready for that love-filled sexy day at the Mini Mini Market… We have everything you need to knock your date right off their feet! . *BUY1 get 1 HALF-OFF tights *Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale jewelry! *New no-line lingerie by Her Look *Solid perfumes [...]

Our Love to You: Extra 20% Sale Goodies

We decided this year, the only right way to celebrate and show our love for our Mini Mini customers to give you want any customer always wants: a sale. So if you get yourself out of your abode this weekend and want to treat yourself right (or bring along someone that will lovingly fork over [...]